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1/7/2021 - I took a DC Special Police Officer and Maryland Armed training at RBTG. I was very very impressed with the training and the instructors. Classroom and hands on training at the highest level. I am more knowledgeable about the law, the constitution, firearms and how policing works. I HIGHLY recommend anyone looking for PROPER SPO/Security training with instructors who are not only fun and engaging but also subject matter experts to go to RBTG. I can assure you that you will leave with a higher knowledge of laws, the constitution, firearms saftey, baton/OC, deescalation and defensive tactics that could safe your life one day.  ~~ Matthew Joynes (Gave a 5 star rating on Google Business)

12/21/2020 - Shalay Williams (Gave a 5 star rating on Google Business)

12/15/2020 - Coming from the Automotive field, I never did anything pertaining to law enforcement before and I needed a career change. Reality-Based Training gave me that self confident in becoming Armed SPO Officer for DC and Maryland. This course was well conducted by Mr. Brown along with his supporting team. Very hands on training that you will gain in the classroom that would propel you for a career path in Law Enforcement. I would recommend anyone who is looking for an environment where you go and feel conformable in your own skin don't matter race/background to do this program. You will not regret the training you will receive. ~~ Terrance Glasgow (Gave a 5 star rating on Google Business)

12/10/2020 - This is the best training group ever!! They are so patient, hands on and they teach you everything you need to know when it comes to DC and Maryland SPO armed and unarmed. If you are looking for training and learning Mr. Brown and Mr. Reaves are the best! ~~ Sa'Niya (Gave a 5 star rating on Google Business)

12/3/2020 - Michael Brown is an incredible teacher. Every day of the SPO class was incredibly engaging and informative. I was sent to this training course by my company, but if i had known beforehand, I would have chosen this class without hesitation. ~~ Collin Cullen (Gave a 5 star rating on Google Business)

11/12/2020 - My experience with Reality Base Training was Wonderful . The support is excellent. The instructor/s are motivated, dedicated, and the best mentors. If you want training for growth. Mike Brown will definitely deliver. Trust, you will not be dissatisfied. I recommend his classes. He is responsive. , But most importantly he will help you overcome your weakness to become one of the best. ~~ Trina (Gave a 5 star rating on Google Business)

10/29/2020 - A good place to train for DC SPO and other licences. Excellent instructor and Rbtg is highly recommended.  ~~ Christopher Moses (Gave a 5 star rating on Google Business)

10/1/2020 - Micah Hill (Gave a 5 star rating on Google Business)

9/10/2020 - Amazing!! A wonderful group of professionals!!! I've learned so much about my safety. ~~ Hannah Love (Gave a 5 star rating on Google Business)

8/20/2020 - I didn't get a nickname, but this has to be the best SPO training in the D.M.V... ~~ ArtLife13 (Gave a 5 star rating on Google Business)  

7/31/2020 - Big Dog (Gave a 5 star rating on Google Business)  

7/16/2020 - I thank Mr. Brown for training me and helping me to get a job all at once. Now you can call me Officer Dell. If you want good quality of training please come here. With none experience of hand gun Reality Based Training Group was able to fix that and help the fear away. I will recommend this place to anybody ~~ zo kew zo 236 (Gave a 5 star rating on Google Business)  
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   7/10/2020 ~ Tarik Davis (Gave a 5 star rating on Google Business)    

6/26/2020 ~ Overall greatest experience, as well as an welcoming atmosphere. Reality Based Training is where to turn for any possible situsation occurances. I can't thanks "Mr. B" enough" ~~ Rapheal McDonald (Gave a 5 star rating on Google Business)    

1/29/2020 - I just had a 64 hours training class at RBTG and I have to say the instructor Mike Brown and Sean Reeves are awesome. I have been during security since 1996 and what I have to say about this training is its the best I ever had. The instructors gave me information that was so imperative and so on point. RBTG don't just teach the fundamentals of being a SPO they give you more. The class was fun and I enjoyed every minute of it. I would recommend this type of training for any security company that want to make sure their officers get everything they need and much more. If I had to do the training again I would definitely choose RBTG over anyone. The instructors are certified in so much just look them up. They refuse to let you fail any part of the training. They push you so much it makes you want more. This was the best experience a person could ask for and so much more. So if you want to get trained by the best give RBTG a call best believe they will take you to another level and make you feel more confident in what you are doing in the security field or even everyday life. I would like to give a special shout out to Mike Brown and Sean Reeves. I thank you guys with all my heart for training me and pushing me. I have to warn you the self defense part of the class was the hardest (lol) but they pushed me not to give up. You guys ROCK. Keep up the  great work. God bless you and your family. ~~ Ms. Hope Washington (Gave a 5 star rating on Google Business)

7/28/2019 - This is the best training that I have Ever experiences! I have been to a Correctional Officer Academy and a University Police Academy and I must say Reality-Based Training is the best ever. You will definitely be trained by professionals. The director is professional, patient and very knowledgeable. I went here because I wanted to get my recertifications with my weapon, OCAT, baton and hancuffs and I got it all. Best decision I made in along time. I guarantee you will Not be disappointed. ~~ Dominique Sweatt (Gave a 5 star rating on Google Business)

7/12/2019 - One of the best instructors I have worked with!!! I learned a lot from Mr. Mike Brown. Yes, I highly recommend his class/training to any and everyone!!! You learn so much and everything your're suppose to learn in becoming an Armed Special Police officer!!! A lot of hands on etc. ~~ Tomecka Dickerson

7/11/2019 - Michael Brown is such a great instructor! I'm more than grateful for the opportunity to train with him, so much wisdom and knowledge!!! #armedSPOhericome  ~~ Briana Hill

6/25/2019 - Mr. Brown on behalf of the 2019 BEYOND! Conference we would like to thank you for presensting at this year's conference. We wish you and Reality-Based Training Group continued success! ~~ Georgina Agyekum Manzano

6/2/2019 - Teen self-defense training. Excellent 2-hour course. Highly recommend. Kids loved it and are well prepared for these streets! Jab cross, defensive front kicks, knife defense and more! Thanks to the hubby for signing them up! ~~ Zerline Hughes

5/6/2019 - Good Morning Michael, Thank you for choosing to be apart of the 6th Annual Tots to Teens Expo. It was another hug success with just over 10,000 attendees showing up at the Sports & Learning Complex. We could not have done it without you and we truly appreciate your dedication to children and families. ~~ Taylor Thomas, Tots to Teens Expo, Executive Director

1/20/2019 - As an instructor I look for many different things when observing other instructors teach. I must say Reality-Based Training Group impressed me with their knowledge, skill set and real world training techniques. This is big for me, up until now I've been the only one that has trained my two kids in the area art of defense tactics. Today I allowed instructors from RBTG to instruct my family and it was an awesome experience for them. Great job and keep up the great work guys. You have my endorcement. ~~ Sam Thomas - President/CEO Tri-State 1 Protective Services, LLC.

12/20/2018 - Listen LIVE! to Michael Brown on WHUR 96.3 Daily Drum at 7pm - Holiday Safety tips. What You Need to Know to Stay Safe.

8/27/2018 - Active Shooter Training for the teachers and staff at St. Jane de Chantal School, Bethesda, MD

"It was VERY interactive and absolutely necessary. An eye opening experience for the whole faculty. I loved it"

"The day was really wonderful yesterday! We learned a lot, and though they made it fun, they impressed upon us that what was being taught was for a very important and serious reason, and that we should pay close attention to the lessons.  They impressed upon us that we need to think safety, to keep a vigilant stance emotionally and physically – to observe our surroundings, note changes in behavior of familiar people/strange behavior of those we don’t know, and to listen to/view  cues which may serve as warnings.  They gave us a lot to ponder, and to realize that in today’s world, we have to think safety in every situation/environment.  Makes what was considered as paranoia seem more like a constant state of alertness.  We must all be like the U.S. Coast Guards…se! mper paratus.  The drills they gave us to practice were useful, and eye opening, too!  Just an overall great learning."

"Thanks you for the Active Shooter Training!  Shawn and Mike from RBT did an excellent job preparing the faculty and staff.  They were knowledgeable, engaging, and they forced us out of our comfort zone!  This was all to prepare us for something we hope never happens.  I was proud of all of us for taking it seriously and putting everything we had into the lesson.  Many of us are sore today. ” 

8/10/2018 - Listen LIVE! to Michael Brown & shawn Reaves on WHUR 96.3 Daily Drum at 7pm - Safety and Security for Counter-Protestors at the Unite The Right Rally.

5/19/2018 - Mr. Reaves, It was a pleasure to meet you again. I would like to thank you for your time as you shared invaluable life skills to over 50 nurses and health technicians working within the school setting on May 19, 2018. Because of you, we now feel confident that we can make a difference during a life-threatening situation, as you emphasized the need to change our mindset, adjust to our environment, create a plan and prepare to fight. You most certainly left a positive impression on our staff as you enthusiastically presented this 2-hour lecture in a fun and interactive manner. Therefore, we most certainly look forward in welcoming you back and possibly presenting this amazing training to our entire program in the future. ~~ Kind Regards, Malika Henderson-Grays, BSN, RN, Nurse Manager - Ward 1 Children's National Health Health Systems 

5/17/2018 - Good Morning Michael, Wow We did it. The 5th Annual Tots to Teens Expo was a hug success thanks to you. We had just over 10,000 attendees indside and outside of the Sports & Learning Complex in Hyattsville. I want to personally thank you all for seeing the vision and taking part in this special one of a kind event in the DMV  ~~ Taylor Thomas, Tots to Teens Expo, Executive Director

5/5/2018 - To Reality Based Training Group, LLC. Thank you so much for your support. Continue to strive to bring awareness to different situations! Keep up the great work! ~~ Meyana "Miss Friday" McCombs author of HOW EVERYDAY Can Be FRIDAY 

4/14/2018 - We the staff at Little People Place Child Development Center (a private preschool in Westminster, Md.), sincerely and abundantly want to express our greatest gratitude to Michael Brown and his amazing Reality Based Training Group who traveled a great distance on a Saturday to present the Active Shooter Class to us on Saturday, April 14, from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. This team of fully trained, highly experienced, and totally committed people completely prepared a large group of wonderful teachers of all ages and backgrounds into a cohesive team of ladies totally prepared physically, psychologically, and intellectually to protect and defend our school’s children and one another, confidently and efficiently in case of threat or attack. Their professionalism, honesty, patience, and expertise were boundless and contagious, developing atmosphere of power, success, and determination far reaching our hope and expectations. The staff experienced intense team building, confidence development, motivation, and self defense training, all in less than 5 hours. We all feel truly indebted and inspired to the Reality Based Training Group and only hope they become certified by the state of Md. for continued training. We personally plan to expand our staff development to include self defense classes, parent involvement, and school age developmentally appropriate exposure. We can never fully express our gratefulness or more highly recommend your class. On a final more personal note, we wholeheartedly thank Micheal and Shawn for your devoted service to our country, our communities, and our children. God bless you both and keep you safe. ~~ In care of children, Mary Burke

3/19/2018 - With Our Thanks. It was such a lovely thing to do, so nice in every way. Your thoughtfulness meansmore to us than words can ever say. ~~ Eighth Precinct Civic Association, Amber Waller, President

3/5/2018 - Dear Michael & Shawn. Words can not thank you enough for all you have done for the staff. The training has been amazing and beyond benefitcial. We look forward to future classes. ~~ Thank you Diane & Joan The Children Centre (Bowie, MD)

2/15/2018 - Listen LIVE! to Michael Brown on WHUR 96.3 Daily Drum at 7pm - School Shotting and School Safety. How Do We Keep Schools Safe?